GI Joe 3 Set to Pack Even More Action

Nothing beats the fun of seeing your favorite toys in action so if you cannot get enough of the first 2 GI Joe movies, Hasbro brings GI Joe 3 to you. Actually, the news about the third GI Joe movie is no secret at all. Right before the release of GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobras, Dennis Quaid said that he is signing for a trilogy.

Now if you are a GI Joe fan, you should have seen GI Joe 3 coming. There is only little news about the third GI Joe yet because everyone is still very excited about GI Joe: Retaliation, but as soon as the second installation is on the big screen, people will surely make some noise about the part three.

movie gi joe 3

The GI Joe franchise is produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura. He co-produced the first GI Joe film with Brian Goldner and Bob Ducsay. Stephen Sommers directed the first film and Jon M. Chu directed part two. There is no certainty about which director should lead the filming for part three so be sure to check for updates.

GI Joe: Retaliation stars Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum, Bruce Willis, Arnold Vosloo, and Adrianne Palicki. The cast for the third installment has not been revealed, so you know the drill. In case you don’t, just check for updates. The film is released and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn- Meyer and Paramount Pictures.

The sequel is the continuation of the events in the first film. Zartan, who disguises himself as the American president, is the new villain and Commander of the Cobras. The GI Joe team will come in conflict with the new Cobra Commander and his team that is consisted of Firefly and Storm Shadow. Zartan gains control of all the government and plans to launch attacks aimed at the innocuous populace. Outgunned, outnumbered, and beaten, the GI Joe team is still up to stop the malevolence.

Now we have a clue, the ending for the sequel will set the plot for the third. As there are no specific plot details yet, you have to work your imagination out. Now that’s a great way to further excite yourself. When the first GI Joe film was released, critics and fans were not happy. Some fans said that the movie deviates from the original GI Joe spirit. The critics said that the characters were plastic, like the toys that have inspired them.

But taking it from Dennis Quaid, it is better not to expect too much about the film. Quaid said that the movie is like the GI Joe cartoons that we grew up with. It is a popcorn type of action movie wherein you do not need to expect some depth. After all, that is what GI Joe is all about – action fun. Those who have expected too much may have gone overboard.

Nonetheless, GI Joe did not at all receive just rotten tomatoes. Los Angeles Times praised the design and the action scenes. On the other hand The Washington Post believes that the film is as polished and entertaining as it can get. IGN’s Christopher Monfette said that the film is the adult interpretation of a childhood happening, so if you just give it a chance, you will definitely find entertainment value in it.

By now you must already have high hopes about the third part. All of us wish to see how the characters progress. How will the GI Joe team face enmity when it is the whole world that they are against? How will Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes end their rivalry? If there is much to await with part two, then what more could there be in GI Joe 3? Surely, the bubble will pop and all these details will be accessible to you soon.

Watch out for further updates so that you do not get left behind. The trailer will be available sooner that you think, as well as the release date. It may still be a long wait but you still have the second GI Joe to enjoy. Clamor for more when you have finished watching the second film. After all, it is certain that the producers are preparing more for you. Watch out for GI Joe 3 and get more action. Until the trailer will be available we let you enjoy the second movie trailer: